Saturday, September 26, 2020

This is the last time you will come out bold again - Volta Regional Minister warn Western Togoland dissidents

 The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald  has cautioned the Western Togoland secessionist bunch never to attempt to destabilize the nation in the audacious way they on Friday September 25. 

Dr. Letsa uncovered that security offices are checking the activities of individuals who will need to light such a dissent once more. 

The Volta Regional Minister additionally expressed that administration experts in the region are on head of the issues and will savagely manage any gathering which will call for freedom from Ghana. 

"We are checking their exercises and we comprehend what they are doing. We have insight on the ground and I can guarantee you that today is just that they have come out intensely… " Dr. Letsa told the media. 

He included, "We are on head of the issue. We met today and we have planned concerning what we will do. We will ensure that harmony wins in the area, previously, during and after the decisions." 

As per him, the Homeland Study Foundation's unsettling influence didn't come as shock to security organizations in the territory as they knew about their expectations. 

"We knew [they had an arrangement for last night]… They referenced in their arrangement that there would be barricades however it wasn't determined where the detours would be yet in the event that you see their rundown of targets, and you need to organize with respect to which one to secure, clearly we took the correct choice to ensure exceptionally touchy state establishments," he said. 

The rebel bunch on Friday, September 25, 2020, assumed control over the streets connecting the district to different locales at day break, impeding significant sections into the Volta Region. 

The gathering figured out how to keep a few authorities of the Ghana Police Service and held onto their weapons. 

Notwithstanding, a security group equipped with tons of weaponry was dispatched to the area to reestablish quiet and catch activists in the dissent. 

The security group comprised of authorities from the Ghana Police Service and Military prevailing with regards to capturing 31 people associated to be part with the Western Togoland secessionist gathering. These people have been carried to Accra for addressing and indictment.