Friday, February 12, 2021

DJ Rapturewan - Afrobeatz Hitz Mixtape 2020

DJ Rapturewan is one the youngest DJs and enetertainers from the Volta Region in Ghana, He said at a Pool Party which turn into dancefloor that he is so passionate in promoting Ghana and and Local music tracks to reach the world. He is always working hard to promoting his fellow young and upcoming artists in Ghana and Beyond.

Watch this space for all your music updates from Ghana & Beyond. 

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 The Volta Tastes Enter10ment Blogger and Disc Jockey popularly known as DJ Rapturewan has come out with a compilation of best Afrobeat Songs tittled Afrobeatz Hitz Mixtape 2020.

The mixtape includes favourite afrobeat songs from popularly known Ghanaian and Nigerian artists. 

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DJ Rapturewan - Afrobeatz Hitz Mixtape 2020 ( Mastered By DJ Rapturewan )

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