Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Real Ghalazy unveil when he started blogging

  I started blogging in 2014 by uploading songs on Dropbox and mediafire and sharing the link on Facebook. In 2015 I created which was one of the most popular blog in Volta back then. In 2016 I got contract with saltcityvibe a site own by a Nigeria blogger Thierry Flexto Bestman as one of their publisher in Ghana, worked with them till 2018. I used that opportunity to help most upcoming artists to get their song heard in Nigeria. I work with a Nigeria DJ Paschal Masarine back then to drop a mix of all upcoming artists from Ghana especially Volta. My main purpose is to make this DJ have all songs from the volta land. In 2017 I got deal with Jamaica site Imusic as one of their publisher I work with this site about a year. Also work on numerous sites in Ghana like urbanrock, Ghanabolt, ellygh, iplusgh and many others until 2020 when I decide to go for short break to concentrate on the artist I was managing then before things couldn't work well a long the way which calls for terminating the contract after being under us for two years. I have contributed a lot to volta entertainment industry but we ain't done yet. We are still coming back to do what we do best. For those of you who go out there and tell people I don't have anything to offer this industry go back and check my records for most of you just have big name with no benefit. I pushed volta music to outside this country some of you can't even push this industry outside your comfort zone. Let's stop the backbiting and think of how to push this industry to match up with other growing industries across the globe.