Wednesday, January 19, 2022

“Comoros deserves the win, my target is the WorldCup”


Coach Milo boldly tells Ghanaians after Ghana’s last game against Comoros that his side deserved the defeat contrary to the angry roars of football lovers on the internet.

According to coach Milo, he came to Ghana just three months ago hence Ghanaians shouldn’t expect him to do magic with the national team.

Speaking during a press conference after Ghana’s loss yesterday, the Serbian Nationale reiterated that he wasn’t fully prepared for the AFCON because of the short period of time at his disposal for its preparations.

He continued that, his target is the world cup because he has used the AFCON as the case study to assess the team and know its shortcomings.

Touching on resignation, Coach Milo said with much emphasis that he won’t resign either today or tomorrow and he will strategically guide the Black stars to do wonders at the forthcoming World Cup.

In his own words;

We didn’t start the game how we wanted and we conceded an early goal and then the red card changed everything. I think Comoros deserved this win

“I will NOT resign because I came to take this team to the World Cup”