Thursday, July 14, 2022

Akpini Youth Summit 2023


Hello Kpando! Are you ready!

Happening in 2023 is the Akpini Youth Summit.

This is just not an event but a youth blueprint that promises to be the biggest platform for young people, willing to change the narrative of Akpini through our collective and impactful public engagement of ideas and capacity building around the issues that affect the young people of Kpando.

We can’t afford to fail our generation, that’s why we must come together and figure out a workable solution that can help promote and develop our collective future bargain.

The time is now, the future is here, 

Since the inception of our Societies, sharing has been a part of us through communal activities, responsibilities, values, and core morals.

In recent times society has been set apart on basis of constructed notions on singular plights and woes. This disconnect where life has become an “each man for himself ” thing, has amounted to slow progress in our personal lives. The cause-effect, unfortunately, plagues society most since society is nothing without the people. Until we understand that responsibility is shared, society will continue to suffer the detrimental consequences of our self-centered decisions. “I am because you are “ a simple yet powerful map line that has been set to align us on the path to unity and societal growth.

Can we just reset and rethink to bring back the essence or idea of sharing, carrying others along, and not living no one behind even if people are not the best at what they do and have a long path of growth and development to go - Hence the coined statement: ”KPORNU KAKE NA NA NORVI” the collective responsibility to share knowledge and values.

It is why the birth of a carefully crafted program, not an event, AKPINI YOUTH SUMMIT for the youth both home and away of Kpando and its environs, coming together to build a growth shared interest from which society can benefit.

All hands are welcome on board and for mutual engagements on partnership and sponsorship kindly send an email to

or Call

Bernard on +233 24 667 8033

Madugu on +233 54 086 7943

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Road to Akpini Youth Summit ‘ 23





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