Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Maukko Maukko - The Baobab Tree mp3


Maukko Maukko With his refreshing beats and Bambuzi vibes, Maukko Maukko is one of the promising upcoming artists from Ghana. He has been working as a teacher and also did some humanitarian work for many years in Ghana. However, Maukko Maukko decided to follow his passion for music. As he is currently living in the Netherlands and his first single, ‘Hello Hello’, was released together with artist and producer KROS. This track has afro-pop and afro-fusion influences and is dedicated to a powerful woman then, in his life.

Maukko Maukko’s international exposure widened with his performance around Europe as he loves to express himself with live bands. For this act, he is known in some streets in Germany, Holland, France, and especially Ghana. 

Maukko Maukko was born as Christian Mawuko Affram in Tema, Ghana. He began his music at the age of nine years old. He was noticed by teachers and his fellow students at the “end of term parties” in his Junior High School as the famous child. Besides his musical talent, he was also at the top of his class.

During his time in Senior High School, he started to cover songs of artists like Marvin Gaye, All Green, and Lemar. Despite his love for music, Maukko Maukko decided to go study education at the university to be able to help spread education in local, deprived areas of Ghana. He was involved in several humanitarian projects. While continuing his humanitarian work, he now decided to go back to his passion and love for music.

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