Friday, August 5, 2022

Party Freestyle Rap By King Godzy Gh

 Team Who-Dat president has drop the freestyle version of his upcoming song dubbed Party By Painkiller ft. King Godzy.

Download and feel the freestyle Rap and don't forget to share with friends.

King Godzy Gh -Party Freestyle Rap (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

TuPetite - Ayadudu ( Mixed By Gidiboy )


TuPetite has released a song titled Ayadudu which means suffering in the Ewe language.

He recorded this song to express how hard he keep working to get what he needs but obstacles keep hitting mankind each and everyday during the process of getting a successful lifestyle.

Ayadudu is a motivational song for those who think life will be the same, He advices them to keep focusing only on God to do only what he planned for their life at every  moment.

Grab this tune below and enjoy...

2MB: Poetic Messages of the Heart to the World


2MB: Poetic Messages of the Heart to the World.

Gbeteglo Efoe Senam — more known by his musical alias, 2MB — has been with Magroove since we were taking our first steps. He is a musician, composer, producer, performer, and founder of 2MB Official Merchandise Label. Currently, he lives in Togo, West Africa, and works not only as an artist, making conscious slam rap and gospel music, but also as a producer, manager and digital distributor, among other things. 

Humble beginnings

2MB told us that he didn’t always want to be a musician and music wasn’t his plan from the start. “2000 was an era of the revival of Togolese hip hop”, he states. “I listened to interviews with artists, and a lot of them needed a production house. That’s when I said to myself that, one day, I would be a producer to come as needed by the artists”.

After that, Gbeteglo worked hard to pursue his ambition in music, despite inevitable difficulties within the industry. “For my part, I quickly understood my very committed style of music… and a lot of people, promoters, media and others don’t really like a very committed artist”. However, he remained focused to make an income and invest part of it into his career: “I always gave myself the strength by counting on nobody; I do everything with my own free will, that is to say, Self-production”.

As he’s said before, being committed is a key part of Gbeteglo’s style. “My music turns towards a style of message to destroy the evil and to know the good, a committed, poetic and sensitive style”. He was born to be an artist, he says, due to the fact he chose music as his way of expression. “I like to share this message and I turned to the arts. I saw that only music can help me by conveying the message of good that the world needs for its well-being”.

Artist and activist

An example of this dedication to social causes is his song and video clip Je L√Ęche Rien (Children of the World). The clip is a call to action to stop war and fight for the lives of children impacted in violent crises. “The armed conflicts that have bloodied the world in recent decades have never claimed so many civilian victims; they currently represent 90% of those killed. And among them, half would be children”. Gbeteglo uses his influence to make a stand against violence and support the children in these conflicts. “Child soldiers or not, the impact of wars on the little ones is therefore considerable. In a decade, more than two million children have been killed and at least six million have been injured, many of whom suffer from permanent disability”, he explains.

What brings 2MB apart from other artists and musicians is not only his hard work and commitment to make the world a better place through his art, but his ambition. His ultimate dream is to create an international festival or celebration for music, creating an opportunity for artists with a similar style to participate. “My only mission in the future is to conquer the world with my conscious rap music”, he claims. What drives him to work with music is his love for it; “It’s the sound and the rhythm and moreover the messages of the heart”. 

Throughout the many years he has spent with Magroove, Gbeteglo has achieved some of his many goals, and is fated to continue succeeding. In this path, he has helped many other artists rise up as well, working as a production house and manager. When asked what message he would like to pass on to other artists such as himself, he said to “believe in Magroove”, and always have patience and determination. 

If you’d like to listen to more songs by 2MB, check out his Spotify artist page here. You can also contact him through Facebook or email, at

One Shot Dead by unknown assailants in Nkonya

 A resident of Nkonya Ntsumuru in the Oti Region has been shot dead by some unknown assailants.

it is unclear what the motives of the attackers were but police say the deceased, whose name has been given as Daniel Brempong, was on his way to the farm.

The Commanding Officer of the 66 Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Sarpong Appiah told GBCNEWS that the deceased was shot dead at a restricted area in that part of the district at about 0700 hours on Monday, August 1, 2022.

The assailants are said to have laid ambush and fired gunshots, killing him instantly. 

"The body has since been deposited at the Kpando Margaret Marquart Catholic Hospital for preservation and autopsy," police said in a press release on Monday, 1st August.

The law enforcement body announced that patrols have been intensified in Nkonya and its environs "to ensure law and order".  

Some are already linking the incident to the apparently resolved  Nkonya-Alavanyo communal disputes.

Police, meanwhile, are urging the public to remain calm "as the investigation continues to get the perpetrators arrested to face justice". 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

TuPetite - One Day ( Mixed By Gidiboy )


The Ghana based Togo music artist known as TuPetite has finally come out with a massive afropop song  ONE DAY

TuPetite has decided to enter the music industry by following the styles in the top trending songs of some Ghanaian and Nigerian music artists.

One Day is a nice tune for your listening pleasure and production credit goes to Gidiboy.

Stream, download, share and add your comments below...

TuPetite - One Day ( Mixed by Gidiboy )

Monday, August 1, 2022

DJ Azonto - Fa No Fom ( Prod. By Abochi )

DJ Azonto, the richest Ghanaian Disc Jockey, drops "Fa No Fom" mp3 song download, on the 66 Amapiano instrumental. 
"Fa No Fom by DJ Azonto" is a massive tune  with great vocals for your listening pleasure.

 Enjoy this and kindly share it below.